Privacy policy

Personal data such as telephone numbers and/or emailaddresses of models presented here will never be disclosed to third parties nor stored with commercial intentions.

Glamour/nude photography

This website contains glamour and artistic nude images. If this would be against your personal or religious beliefs or convictions, please do no visit the 'fine art' albums. All models depicted have posed voluntary and were also fully aware of the intentions and purpose of the photoshoot. They have all given their personal permission to use and publish these images.
I fully disassociate myself from any form of pornography, including the production, promotion and distribution.

Photography of minors

To prevent the abuse of images of minors, these albums will not be shown in this website even with the full permission of their parents.


All pictures presented are fully proprietary of Rudi Vandenbempt (RV Photo) and therefor protected by international copyright laws. The abuse use of these images without written authorization will be subject of juristic prosecution.